About Us

With over 14 years of event planning and operational management experience, Elizabeth founded Davine Events in 2005.  Originally an avenue for pursuing a passion for supporting non-profit events in addition to a full-time job as a corporate event planner, in September 2013 the company became the full-time marriage of Elizabeth’s passion and experience for both corporate and fundraising events for clients from around the world.                         

Elizabeth is known for immediately inspiring confidence in her clients with her warmth and expertise. Her relentless pursuit of quality, legendary attention to detail, and ability to control costs are the hallmarks of her outstanding reputation.

Most recently Elizabeth worked as Director of Event Operations at FM&A Events, a local Destination Management and Events Company, creating and facilitating events for local and international corporate and association clients planning events in Greater Boston. She has forged long lasting relationships with vendors, industry peers and past clients. Elizabeth also worked at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, where she developed a deep understanding of the professional landscape of Boston, and at the Muscular Dystrophy Association refining her skills in fundraising events and volunteer management.

Elizabeth graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Business Administration and Non-Profit Services.